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Wholesale High Power 3w RGB 625nm 525nm 465nm Led Diodes

Wholesale High Power 3w RGB 625nm 525nm 465nm Led Diodes

Product Feature:

★Adopt well-known vender’s chip package

★99.99% gold wire welding and copper frame

★Good bright spots and High bright

Product Use:

★Stage Light,Decorative Light

★Fountain Light,Aquarium Light,etc


★This kind led is 3W high power RGB led,use 6pins frame to make

★The led voltage,red color is 2.0-2.4V,green is 2.8-3.4V,blue is 3.0-3.4V

★The led current is 350mA for each color,when use the led,please don't higher it

★The led use Moding type lens,can use reflow soldering

★When use reflow soldering,please make sure the max temperature is 260℃ and the soldering time need in 3 sconds,it is very important

★The led usually use reel packing, usually 1000pcs/reel

★If you need exchange the RGB to other colors,we also can make,please tell us your demands

★The frame is copper frame,have good heat sink ability,but when the led working,as 3 chips into a led,the place is small, you have to use good cooling way

★When you receive the led,please check the bag at first,if it is leaked,please don't soldering directly;you need bake the led at 60℃/12hours at first,then soldering it

★The led is sensitive electronic element,please wear anti-static ring always

★CE ROHS approved



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