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0.2W monochrome 5050 smd led for medical beauty

0.2W monochrome low power 5050 SMD led for beauty medical products
  • JH-5050RRR12S9-T12A/JH-5050VVV12ZW0810-T12A


Product Description

This 0.2W single color 5050 SMD LED is designed for use in beauty and medical products. With its small size and low power consumption, it offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for healthcare professionals and beauty experts alike. 

The LED provides a high level of brightness and is ideal for a range of applications, including skin treatments, Beauty, whitening, red light therapy, photodynamic therapy

Its efficient design ensures excellent performance, while its long lifespan makes it a durable and dependable choice for a wide variety of medical and beauty applications.


规格图 R Y规格图 V Y

Products Description
Part No. Wavelength(K) Power(W) Voltage(V) Current(mA)

Power Dissipation

JH-5050RRR12S9-T12A 620-625


2.0-2.6 20*3 5-10*3 120
JH-5050VVV12ZW0810-T12A 415-420 0.2 3.0-3.4 20*3 10-15*3 120


Wavelength can be customized according to demand 365-1600nm,

Color temperature(CCT) can be customized 1700-20000K.

Product application

Photodynamic medical beauty products, beauty instrument, photon skin rejuvenation instrument, large row of lights, beauty mask, etc.



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